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In the Yachew.com Toys & Games Store you'll find plenty to keep the little ones in your life stimulated. From arts & crafts, bikes, trikes & ride-ons and building & construction toys to dolls & accessories, dressing up, education & science and electronic toys, you'll find the right toy or game for the type of play or learning your child enjoys. Take a look at our figures & playsets and jigsaw & puzzles selection, or our games for family fun, maybe your child is a future engineer and will love our range of model vehicles? For the aspiring musicians we have musical toys, for every type of want-to-be grown-up child we have a great selection in pretend play, and what childhood would be complete without a favourite soft toy? Make the most of gardens, playgrounds and parks with outdoor toys, and let's not forget the needs of developing children, with our range of toddler toys.
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